LoanOfficerOnline is a service of, LLC, a Colorado headquartered mortgage-banking company., LLC was founded in July 2000 as an outgrowth of a decade of pioneering work in the mortgage and real estate industry by our founder, Andrew R.  Batson., LLC is a profitable, privately held company.

Our history dates back to 1992 when Mr. Batson began his career as a real estate broker.  Soon after entering the real estate sales industry, he realized a major shortcoming in the service provided by mortgage lenders.  Further analysis revealed that the processes and technology employed by mortgage lenders were inefficient and outdated.  Communication with real estate agents and borrowers, timeliness, accuracy, and accessibility were all in need of improvement. 

Mr. Batson identified that significant improvement in the real estate sales process could be achieved by empowering the real estate agent as the central figure in the mortgage origination process.  This was achieved, in part, through the development of remote computer kiosks placed in real estate offices.  The kiosks removed the physical and communication barriers between the real estate agent, borrower, and mortgage lender.  They provided the real estate agent and borrower instant, real time collaborative access to a Loan Specialist, utilizing the Master Qualifier software developed by Mr. Batson.  This technology, predating today's Internet, served as the basis for IFS Direct Inc., a mortgage broker company that was co-founded by Mr. Batson in 1994, and was subsequently sold to a large mortgage banking company in 1999. 

With the creation of, LLC and the LoanOfficerOnline service, Mr. Batson builds on his decade of experience, working with real estate professionals to revolutionize the real estate sales process by making the home buying process a true one-stop shopping reality.

The end result is empowering real estate agents and financial professionals to be in more control of the transaction, add value to their services, and earn greater compensation while providing their clients with an easier and more affordable home buying experience. 

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