Not all tasks are applicable to all transactions. Completing the tasks may involve various levels of involvement, depending on your client's comfort level. You may provide a brief introduction to our online tools, or you may actually take the information from the client verbally, and use our online tools yourself to provide the client with answers to their questions.


• Explain the typical loan process to the borrower. Provide a copy of Fannie Mae’s Guide To Home Ownership. Explain the key factors in the approval decision—the three C’s: Credit, Collateral, and Capacity.

• Explain what a credit report is and what a credit score is. Review the Guide To Understanding Your Credit.

• Use the Buy vs. Rent Calculator to illustrate the benefits of owning a home.

• Explain the closing process. Review the Understanding The Closing Process article.

• Explain what mortgage insurance is. Review the How Mortgage Insurance Works article.


• Explain why there are different types of loan programs. Use the Program Chooser Wizard and review the Types of Loan Programs article.

• Explain the relationship of rates and points. Review the About Rates and Points article.

• Explain the different costs typically involved in obtaining a mortgage.  Review the HUD Guide to Settlement Costs and provide a copy to the borrower.

• Estimate a purchase price range using the Purchase Power Wizard.


• Use the Rate Quote Wizard to display available rates. 

• Use the Points Break Even Analysis link from the rate results page to select the best rate/point option.
• Use the Compare Programs link from the rate results page to compare different options side-by-side. 

• Use the Closing Costs and Details link from the rate results page to estimate closing costs and the total payment breakdown. 


• Use the Pre-Qualification Wizard link from the rate results page to establish whether the borrower meets general underwriting guidelines, including debt ratios, available cash, source of funds, LTV, etc.


• Provide Business Arrangement Disclosure and other application disclosures.


• Assist the borrower in completing the online loan application.


• Provide title company contact information.


• Assist our processing department in setting appraisal inspections.
• Keep borrower informed of key events, dates, and responsibilities.

• Assist the processing department in obtaining information from the borrower.

• Communicate closing date and time to the processing department and the borrower.


• Attend the closing.

• Forward the required closing documents to our headquarters.

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